API/ APIGEE Sr. Developer

Added: July 11, 2020
  • Country: Canada
  • Region: Ontario

Position: API/ APIGEE Sr. Developer

? Experience of analyzing business and technical interface requirements
related to APIs

? Ability to classify API function into discrete categories, such as
experience APIs, process

APIs and System APIs

? Knowledge and experience to identify re-use in APIs and design API
specifications as


? Ability to define an API specification to Open API Specification format

? Knowledge of best practice design with APIs; resource naming, verb usage,
URI params

Vs query params

? Design of reusable datatypes/models and return data formats

? Creation of example data output

? Ability to clearly describe the functions of APIs in text and using
common specification

? Work with product owners and API consumers (developers) to review API

Input/output and refine as necessary

Reference : API/ APIGEE Sr. Developer jobs

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