Azure Directory Analyst

Added: September 9, 2021
  • Country: Australia
  • Region: New South Wales

Job Title - Azure Directory Analyst

Job description and expected tasks:


?               Take over and finalize the design of AD Secure Administration

?               Translate from high level current design into low level
design and implementation tasks, and coordinate with engineering team

?               Analyze and plan phased AD domain consolidation and migration
to the new secure administration model

?               Technical drive for the sample migration of test domain

?               Coordinate with AD related service lines and plan migration
for the following years

?               Oversee model implementation and ensure integrity through
least privilege assignment (while at the same time accurately assess service

?               Train operations/service lines and engineers into using the
new model


Core skills:


?               Experience designing and implementing Active Directory
security best practices including tiering model and role based access control

?               Strong knowledge of Active Directory architecture and
security including GPOs, authentication policies, RBAC, DAC, TDG

?               Experience with DSC, DevOps and Azure automation

?               Knowledge of identity and access management platforms and
governance principles

?               Solid knowledge of Cyber- and Information Security concepts

?               Good communication skills, able to articulate technical terms
and concepts to audiences of various level of technical expertise


Nice to have:


?               Powershell and scripting experience

?               Experience with privileged access management platforms

?               Soft skills for coordination and collaboration with service

Reference : Azure Directory Analyst jobs

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