Azure Engineer

Added: October 13, 2020
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Florida

Azure Engineer

Miami, FL

·         Must have performed Azure engineer role for 1 plus years

·         Good to have ? Azure Certification

·         Experience provisioning various Azure services required for a large
scale enterprise organization

·         Experience in Windows, Unix and Linux server administration and

·         Understanding of Virtualization and Dockerization concepts.

·         Experience working with Azure DevOps build - deployment pipelines /
Jenkins for automating the code compilation, packaging, docker image builds and

·         Experience in using Git, Subversion, Perforce etc for version

·         Must be able to write Playbooks or Cookbooks in order to automate
the installations, deployments, configuration management and application life
cycle management tasks using Ansible, Chef etc.

·         Experience with Terraform and infra as a code automation tools

·         Experience with Docker container life cycle management, Docker
service management, Docker volumes, Docker networks etc. for running tomcat,
nodejs, php containers.

·         Experience in monitoring the application servers, containers and
nodes using AppDynamics, Cloud Watch, introscope etc.

·         Must have knowledge on SonarQube for code quality inspection,
security vulnerabilities scanning.

·         Experience with log monitoring tools like Splunk, ELK Stack.

·         Must follow Agile framework/methodologies.

·         Should be able to use Service Now, Jira etc. ticketing tools in
order to plan and track the work.

·         Good to have basic knowledge on Rundeck, Nimbus and Atlantis.



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