HR/Office Manager - 114891

Added: May 29, 2022
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Oklahoma

HR/Office Manager

Pay: $55k Annually

Hours: Monday- Friday 7:00AM-4:00PM

Job Type: Temp-hire

Location: Tulsa, Ok

Job Description:

The general purpose of this position is to provide the Company with human resource support in the areas of payroll, employment, employee insurance, training and employee drug testing. The additional purpose of this position is to provide the Company with support in carrying out the day-to-day general office needs in response to upper management requests.

More specifically, the human resources position will:1. Support management with employment. Human resources assists management in the hiring and release of employees. The desired outcome of this role is to provide management with a seamless transition in hiring and releasing employees as well as the completion of required paperwork.2. Perform new-employee orientation.3. Manage employee insurance. Human resources is responsible for the management of all employee insurance, consisting of medical, dental, vision, life and disability, as well as assist in solving insurance issues should they arise.4. Manage employee drug testing. Human resources manages the drug-testing policy. The goal of this task is to make sure that all employees are properly drug tested, thereby ensuring the safety of all employees.5. Run payroll. Human resources calculates the hours worked by employees and runs the weekly payroll for all employees and submits the information to the payroll company. It also monitors vacation time used by employees. The human resources position is responsible for communication with the payroll company.6. Oversee garnishments. Human resources is responsible for the submission of employee garnishments to the payroll company. The desired outcome of this role is to deduct and pay garnishments in a timely and accurate manner.7. Maintain personnel files. Human resources maintains personnel files for all Company employees. Human resources strives to keep all employee documentation confidential, organized and complete.8. Track and maintain employee training records. Human resources tracks the training records of all Company employees. It also maintains the training records for all employees. The goal of this work is to keep track of each employee’s training to verify that all employees are properly trained.9. Manage Workers’ Compensation Claims. Human resources keeps all records of employee injuries and follows up with workers’ compensation claims. The desired outcome of this role is to have detailed records of these injuries so that the Company is compliant with all regulations.10. Other tasks as assigned.

The person in this position must be extremely organized. The heavy documentation required in human resources demands this. The human resources representative must be available for questions from employees regarding insurance and payroll; and must be able to put his or her hands on the back-up documentation when necessary.

It is imperative that the human resources employee be accurate. Any mistake made on payroll or with regard to insurance affects employee’s pay. Knowledge of state and insurance regulations regarding workers’ compensation is essential.

The office managerial position will include the following tasks:1. Process Company mail. This position will open the Company mail daily, process and distribute.2. Review and approve various Company bills.3. Manage building, general liability and vehicle insurance for the Company.4. Other tasks as assigned.

This position, along with the human resources position, requires the utmost professionalism and dedication to confidentiality and discretion.

Job Order # 114891

Stand-By Personnel | Skilled Division

Application Time: 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday-Friday

Tulsa Office Locations:

4305 S Mingo Road, Suite F, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

1531 East 2nd Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

Claremore Office Location:

507 E Will Rogers Blvd. Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

Walk-ins always welcome!

$50 advance available after your first day of work

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Referral Bonus: $125 for referring a Skilled Division employee and $200 for referring a Welding Division/CNC Machinist after 80 hours of work.
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