React Native Developer - iOS/Android

Added: May 5, 2022
  • Country: India
  • Region: Haryana

- Do you like to write design patterns (e.g. singleton /factory etc.)

- Do you like to write codes and motivate others .

- Do you like to deal with React hooks (Basic + Advanced).

- Do you love to deal with either Redux or context Based APIs.

- Do you love to use any language that eventually Complies to java script.

If yes then you are the right fit for this role, below are the basic requirement for this job opportunity.

1. Should have strong experience on React Native development.

2. Should have an idea of finding time complexity of a particular algorithm.

3. Should be good in writing maintainable, reusable and scalable code.

4. Should have experience in dealing with react hooks(Basic + Advanced).

5. Good to have basic exposure of any native platform like Android or IOS.

6. Good to have basic experience in Node Js backend environment .
Reference : React Native Developer - iOS/Android jobs

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