Work-From-Anywhere Solar Sales. A Genuine 6-figure Opportunity!

Added: November 13, 2022
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Florida


We have visions to install over 10000 solar systems internationally each year.

For this reason, we are committed to hiring at least 100+ great, integrity-driven, results-obsessed sales reps.

We are seeking beginner and veteran sales reps to join our solar brokerage. Sell solar from anywhere (the internet is beautiful) to over 20+ states and eventually different countries as we expand with our broker model.

All you need is Zoom/Google Meet, reliable internet, and an insatiable desire for betterment.

English is predominantly needed for this role, and if you are fluent in any others, you will thrive because you now can tap into markets where most have a language barrier!


We provide you with a platform to sell with only the top solar installers in the US so that you have an easier time selling and are in contact with installers overseas to become an international provider.

The work world is going remote, and we refuse to be behind the curve.

Why limit yourself to one neighborhood, city, or state? If you can contact 5000 homeowners monthly from the comfort of your home, and only 1% get installed, with the average payout per sale of $1,000-$3,000, you are in a prime spot. Money is simply a tool; what would you do with more? Pay off loans, invest in your startup, donate to charity?

Whatever your goals are, we are here to provide a platform for your success.

Why? Because by providing a great opportunity, we can realize other visions for changing the world outside of just solar, which is deeply exciting!

You can work as freely as you desire; this is a pure 1099 role.

Whether you want the opportunity to make a side income, or the ability to build your empire within the company, we have the tools to reach your goals asap.

My mentors and I will also teach you everything we know about how to sell, with videos provided,
We will provide you with training, genuinely helpful sales pitches, leveraging the internet to maximize work output (get 8 hours of work achieved in one), and more.

We are an efficient, integrity-first company.

Please only apply if you have the best intentions for every customer you speak with.

Mostly an asynchronous company; no one likes useless meetings.

We provide leads to those with excellent sales experience.

We don't believe in non-competes.


You may prospect for new leads in any way you desire:

Reaching out to local BNI, chambers of commerce, HOAs, churches, and home-improvement companies. You can provide a referral payment structure to incentivize faster deals!
Leveraging your current network (friends, neighbors, coworkers, friends of friends/coworkers/neighbors, etc.)
Facebook groups (post advice in home improvement groups, e.g.). You can also create one and add hundreds to thousands of people within your community.
Instagram, utilizing similar principles in your Facebook groups (this is fantastic to reach hundreds of people every week through DMs)
Referrals. This is one of the most seamless ways to generate more business. Paying your customers $500-$1000 per referred install is a great way to get warm leads consistently.

Close deals (leads provided to those with prior sales or solar experience). We will NEVER stop making this process easier for you because we want to be among the world's largest solar installers.


Integrity-first, ZERO cheap tactics accepted; if you are the type to lie for sale, I wish you luck elsewhere.

Intense desire to succeed beyond what you deem possible.

0-10 years of sales experience (the more experience you have, or demonstrate your grit, the more leads we will provide you). Don't be coy if you have zero sales experience; we will train you so well that you'll feel exceptionally confident within just a few days (yes, our sales training is that thorough).


100% remote opportunity (Think visits to the office are primarily useless? We do too!)

Constant training

Uplifting work culture (We never tolerate negativity; there is SO much opportunity with the internet)

100% work-when-you-want culture, unless you are given leads, of course :)
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