Network Automation Engineer

Added: May 14, 2021
  • Country: Australia
  • Region: New South Wales

Title: Network Automation Engineer

Top 3 required technical skills.


Desired Skills:

Network automation, SDN, NSX, Network Virtualization

Manages software modules that perform the automation tasks
Terraform (infrastructure model management), Gluware (configuration modeling)
Scripting with bash and Python and using API clients and calls
Understand and apply software development concepts to machinery that manages
the network
Use git and your choice of IDE to define and manipulate configuration and code
Create and participate in peer code reviews through pull requests
Ongoing evaluation and improvement of our software modules
Work with stakeholders in Design and Engineering to enhance capabilities
Actively find the best way to utilize our robust tooling solutions? and move
us in that direction
Engage in projects to move the ?brownfield? to the ?greenfield?
Triage and ownership of automation platform delivery
Support what we build ? either by machine or by hand
Work with partners and external vendors to ensure all needs are addressed
We are on the cutting edge, so often need to work with vendors to drive
Work across internal IT teams to resolve complex issues
File and follow up on bugs and feature enhancements needed for
industrialization of our offerings
Change management, compliance and execution, with a strong focus on process
We document every solution to build an internal Knowledge Base, usable
Comply with change management procedures and integrate with existing systems
Ensure consistent auditability of the system and of changes to the platform

The ideal candidate:
Has a degree or similar in IT / Computer Science.
Is familiar with driving complex software projects from design and
development to ongoing management
Natively understands CI/CD topics and development methodologies including
pipelines, pull requests, git, command line, etc
Is comfortable with networking concepts/architecture and displays proficiency
in routing, switching, NAT and network services such as load balancers
Displays willingness and aptitude to learn
Has a proven ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Is able to produce quality technical documentation
Has good communication skills and is eager to work on an awesome team

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